shelves“After only 5 months, we have seen a 24% reduction in our inventory levels; at the same time, our sales are up dramatically; Cutwater is making a substantial difference in our inventory cost.”





Most companies have two challenges: too much of the wrong stuff and not enough of the right goods.

  Excess inventory takes up valuable space, is expensive to maintain, and may become obsolete.     Insufficient inventory leads to lost sales and unhappy customers.

Knowing where to begin making inventory improvements is not easy; sustaining them may seem impossible!  

Try Cutwater’s Advanced Inventory Manager

Cutwater’s cutting edge inventory management solution for Prophet 21 users enables planners to identify inventory issues and to make informed decisions concerning this delicate inventory balancing act.

  • Designed for distributors, retailers, e-commerce
  • Immediately finds money as it identifies dead & excess stocks
  • Quickly evaluates product rankings
  • Analyzes and highlights trends in order patterns
  • Demand planning and forecasting
  • Improves customer service by highlighting shortages
  • Priced to be so cost-effective that ROI is a matter of hours.

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