Updike Supply

Cutwater software provides critical data for the entire management team that helps manage the business and provide superior customer service

Cutwater, provider of the Cutwater AIM solution for business intelligence, announced today that Updike Supply, an industry-leading supplier of perishable tools, industrial supplies and customized inventory management solutions, has selected Cutwater AIM to support management needs for reporting on business performance.

Serving distribution customers requires timely and accurate access to information. Past efforts to provide data to sales, operations managers and accounting were cumbersome and didn’t provide the flexibility needed to support daily decisions.

“Our business focuses on providing highly customized technical and inventory management solutions for our customers,” said Steve Short, president of Updike Supply. “We’ve got reports – what we need is regular access to the data that drives our business.  Cutwater AIM will provide us that.”

To speed implementation, Updike Supply has chosen Cutwater’s appliance offering – a multi-user, scalable performance reporting application delivered on a preconfigured hardware server with all necessary components to support an unlimited number of users.

“The appliance offering is more than just a cost-effective approach,” said Jim Heatherington, managing director of Cutwater. “It eases and quickens the entire effort so the Updike team can focus on the business and not on a software implementation.”

Mid-market distributors operate in a highly data-intensive environment. The ability to use up-to-date information to track stocks, shipments, and for sales support can be a tremendous advantage in a tightening marketplace.

“There is such a premium on time and resources in today’s distribution environment,” adds Heatherington. “We’re committed to providing an edge to our clients, allowing them to respond more quickly and with complete confidence that decisions are being based on facts.”

About Updike Supply

Updike Supply, headquartered in Dayton, Ohio, offers product and service solutions that allow metal working businesses to reduce the total cost of ownership for perishable tools and industrial supplies by streamlining the procurement process, reducing inventory investment and improving manufacturing productivity. Updike Supply is a leader in providing customized inventory management solutions for their customers, using state-of-the-art dispensing systems and automated software. More on Updike Supply can be found at www.updikesupply.com.