Reporting and data analysis software allows wholesale distributor to turn data into usable information for competitive advantage

Cutwater, the developer of the Cutwater AIM performance reporting solution for wholesale distributors, announced today that South Shore Supply, Inc. has implemented Cutwater AIM to support management needs for reporting on business performance. Cutwater AIM provides the ability to report across sales, orders, inventories and purchasing in an out-of-the-box tool configured specifically for wholesale distributors.

As a leading wholesale heating and air conditioning equipment and parts specialist, South Shore Supply shares many of the same challenges other wholesale distributors face in capturing and reporting on data critical to the company’s business. Having access to current data is even more important in today’s service-oriented market, where customer service is often the key differentiation in wholesale distribution.

“It can be a struggle to give everyone the data they need,” said Rich Austin, president of South Shore Supply. “Employees and customers need more information faster, and they want the ability to access it at any time. We’ve partnered with Cutwater to help us do that.”

Cutwater AIM for wholesale distributors provides summary and detailed data in an interface built specifically for the industry. With the standardized Cutwater AIM solution, report areas across sales, orders, stocks and purchasing have all been configured with defined fields for ad hoc reporting and analysis. While the solution does allow for additional configuration, standard data and report areas provide distributors with most reporting needs immediately. Cutwater AIM is a Microsoft solution, and is pre-configured for some transaction (ERP) tools commonly used by wholesale distributors, including Epicor Prophet 21.

“Wholesale distributors aren’t in the business of investing in software,” said Jim Heatherington, managing director of Cutwater. “But they do need to give people access to data in a self-service way. Cutwater allows them to do that – without the cost or distraction usually associated with a new software product.”

About South Shore Supply, Inc.

Headquartered in Brockton, Mass., South Shore Supply is a wholesale heating and air conditioning equipment and parts specialist. South Shore Supply was established in 1963 and serves hundreds of local oil, gas and air conditioning contractors from two locations and with 18 employees. For more information on South Shore Supply, contact Rich Austin at