R.G. Brewton

Cutwater provides cost-effective, straightforward solution for monitoring client service and reporting on business performance.

Cutwater, provider of the Cutwater AIM solution for business intelligence, announced today that R.G. Brewton, a mid-market distributor of consumable industrial supplies and provider of automated inventory management systems, has implemented Cutwater AIM to support management needs for reporting on business performance.

R.G. Brewton provides both cutting tools and value-added inventory control services that enable their manufacturing customers to reduce operating costs and more effectively compete in an increasingly global manufacturing environment.  Timely access to data is critical to R.G. Brewton’s services.

“Data is only valuable if our people can use it to deliver measurable value to our customers,” said Steve Brewton, president of R.G. Brewton. “Cutwater gives everyone on our team the ability to quickly get answers to how we’re serving our clients.”

Cutwater AIM consolidates data from disparate systems and gives users the ability to perform ad hoc analysis and regular reporting on business performance. Mid-market firms benefit from a robust, scalable software tool that integrates easily with source transaction systems and isn’t a burden for local IT professionals.

“Performance reporting is important to us, but we needed to be practical about implementing software,” said Rick Abbott, operations manager for R.G. Brewton. “We selected Cutwater based on its competitive pricing and the fact that implementation wouldn’t distract our business.”

By focusing functionality to strictly support data exploration and shared reporting, Cutwater offers an application that can be used by people regardless of their level of computer knowledge, at a cost of ownership that is competitive with building in-house.

“We’ve found that it’s a very fine line between someone using software for decision support and a product being abandoned after implementation,” said Jim Heatherington, managing director of Cutwater. “Our priority is to offer a solution that mid-market firms won’t hesitate to acquire and one we’re confident will be used by business professionals over the long haul.”

About R.G. Brewton

R.G. Brewton is a Pittsburgh-based distributor of consumable industrial supplies and provider of automated inventory management systems that enable their customers to reduce costs, manage lean manufacturing environments, and better compete against foreign competition.