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Cutwater AIM for wholesale distributors is prepackaged for Epicor Prophet 21 transaction system

Impact Industrial Supplies, headquartered in Tampa, FL, has implemented Cutwater AIM reporting software. Cutwater AIM supports data analysis and performance reporting on data resident in the wholesale distributor’s transaction system, Prophet 21. Impact Industrial Supplies delivers high quality industrial products from leading manufacturers such as 3M, Loctite, GoJo, Rayovac and Sherwin Williams and provides critical services that go far beyond simply selling a product.

“Our job is to help our customers manage the resources they need to be successful,” said John Diaz, president of Impact Industrial Supplies. “Cutwater AIM gives us the data we need to be a valued partner for our clients.”

Cutwater AIM for wholesale distributors provides ad hoc and distributed reporting capabilities to the Impact Industrial Supplies operations and sales teams. Cutwater AIM is preconfigured to provide reporting on data resident in the Epicor Prophet 21 is integrated with Microsoft Excel.

“There are a lot of reporting tools on the market to choose from,” said Diaz. “Because Cutwater AIM is preconfigured, installation was a matter of hours and required no effort on our part. I simply opened the software and started reporting on my data.”

Cutwater AIM provides out-of-the-box reporting features for purchasing, sales, and inventories.  Companies using Prophet 21 benefit from a preconfigured set of report categories that come with Cutwater AIM, enabling broad reporting without the installation effort that sometimes accompanies acquiring new software.  Cutwater also provides a one-month trial for any Prophet 21 customer, with no commitment to license the tool until users have had the opportunity to operate the system in their own environment, with their own data.

“Buying software can be a complicated experience,” said Jim Heatherington, managing director of Cutwater. “We’re reducing the hurdles involved by standardizing the tool and allowing people to try it before they buy.”

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Headquartered in Tampa, FL, Impact Industrial Supplies is a supplier of high quality industrial, production and MRO supplies, helping their clients more efficiently manage procurement. Impact Industrial Supplies also offers logistics and distribution services that can drive measurable return to their clients.  More on Impact Industrial Supplies can be found at