Cutwater software gives wholesale distributor ability to report on performance with little installation effort and minimal training


For Glauber Equipment Corporation (GEC), the ability to report on data critical to operations performance and customer service is key to staying competitive as a wholesale distributor. The company is using Cutwater software to access and report on invoice history, orders, purchase history and inventories. The software is preconfigured for the wholesale distributor’s transaction system, Epicor Prophet 21 (P21).

“By staying ahead of changes in the market, we can better manage our business and ultimately be more competitive,” said P.J. Glauber, vice president of Glauber Equipment. “You can’t manage what you don’t measure, and Cutwater provides us with the ability to measure all aspects of our business.”

A key consideration when selecting Cutwater was the software’s turnkey installation, provided for free to Epicor P21 customers. Reports are driven by pre-configured views of data that reside in P21, and most installations can be done in a few hours.

“No one had to study a report writer or spend valuable time learning new software,” said Glauber. “Cutwater is point-and-click and has almost no learning curve.”

Glauber Equipment supplies custom-built pump systems, compressed air systems, specialty gas compression systems and instrument air packages made by companies that include Atlas Copco, AirTek, Champion, Wildon and Fybroc. Systems are often built for unique application requirements. Compressed air systems are one of the most expensive of all plant utilities, and Glauber Equipment helps its clients measure the efficiency of plant air systems and implement improvements that save money.

“People at all levels of an organization want better access to data, but most companies can’t be burdened with installing additional software,” said Jim Heatherington, managing director of Cutwater. “By configuring the tool specifically for P21, we’re able to offer a product that provides immediate value without requiring any work or tedious training on the client side.”

Cutwater’s preconfigured software allows P21 distributors to report on invoice history, orders, purchase history and inventories within minutes of Cutwater software installation. Cutwater software is multi-user and strong enough for data-intensive environments and is entirely Microsoft-based.

About Glauber Equipment Corporation

Glauber Equipment Corporation, located in Lancaster, N.Y., is a premier supplier of pumps, compressors, blowers, dryers, after-market parts and other services to meet the unique needs of any given installation. Founded in 1960 by Paul Glauber, GEC has more than 47 years of experience in designing and building custom fabricated packages, pump systems, compressed air systems, landfill gas treatment systems and more. The company also has offices in Syracuse and Rochester, N.Y. More on Glauber Equipment can be found at