Cutwater Solutions, the designer and provider of Cutwater AIM (Advanced Inventory Management), announced today that C&C Boiler Sales and Service, Inc., a full service company geared to meet all of a customer’s boiler room needs, has implemented the Cutwater AIM software tool.

Headquartered in Charlotte, NC, C&C Boiler is one of the largest and most established boiler room equipment sales, service and rental companies in the Carolinas. The company provides a wide range of boilers for a variety of industrial uses.

“In a sales and services environment time is money,” said Tony Larson, controller at C&C Boiler Sales and Service. “We were very pleased to see how quickly Cutwater AIM could be up and running and making a contribution to our business. The time to learn the software was amazingly fast.”

The inventory management software from Arkieva provides an easy-to-use install tool for helping wholesale distributors stay competitive while maintaining customer satisfaction.

“Cutwater AIM is designed for companies just like C&C Boiler,” said Sujit Singh, managing director of Cutwater. “Boilers are expensive and sophisticated pieces of equipment with many parts. It is easy to tie up a great deal of capital if you don’t have a good handle on your inventory. C&C Boiler is one of our clients who use Microsoft Dynamics GP. We are also configured for Epicor Prophet 21.”

Cutwater AIM Standard Report Categories for Microsoft Dynamics allows users to quickly gain insight into the cost and efficiency of current stocks.  Reports highlight inventory items – in units and dollars – which are moving slowly or have not been moving at all.  Filter report results on significant items, separating the “vital few” from the “trivial many.”  Reports also highlight items where there is too little inventory to avoid disruption to the business.

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