Client Testimonials

With Cutwater, we were immediately able to reduce our inventory by 7% which represented a 1500% ROI within the first 3 months of usage. We are now using real analytics and data to do the ordering, leading to significant improvements.” After only 5 months, “…we have seen a 24% reduction in our inventory levels… at the same time, our sales are up dramatically; Cutwater is making a substantial difference in our inventory costs.” — Will Snook, Traffic Safety Store.


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“This is a no brainer, I know for somebody like me, who used to take the time to collect the data from our Epicor P21 and run the reports, it’s simply not worth it. Now, with Cutwater, I have all the information I need at my fingertips. This has greatly cut down the gap between data and decisions and we are able to create value much quicker. I see a lot of value and I know we will see our money’s worth in just the first few months.”Pauline Cote, Operations Manager, Butler Bros.

“Identifying the products that could become dead, is probably even more important than knowing which products are already dead.  We didn’t have those capabilities before. There was never an easy way to do that. Now, with Cutwater, we put in the right filters, and boom, we have it.” — George Hlinka, VP Finance & Administration , Shrink Packaging Systems.

“I see Cutwater’s value. I see it not only in reducing the amount of time we will spend on reporting now that we won’t have to rely on excel reporting. There’s quite a bit of data that Cutwater aggregates that’s normally difficult to interpret in other data structures.” Wayne Steede, Purchasing Manager, Sunroof Express.

“Cutwater provides us with the data we need, but the real bonus is the turnkey installation.  Everyone can now create the reports they need, and we didn’t have to do anything to make this happen.  It was truly plug and play.” — Gabriel Curry, President, Hub Industrial Supply.

“You can’t manage what you don’t measure, and Cutwater provides us with the ability to measure all aspects of our business.”  — P.J. Glauber, Vice President, Glauber Equipment Corporation.

“Cutwater AIM provides us with a scalable solution that allows us to use current and historical inventory data to make better business decisions. AIM gives our employees an easy way to quickly analyze inventory levels and take action in ways that manage capital, while maintaining a high level of customer service.” — Bill Jarvela, IT Manager at Regal Lager.

“As business conditions become more challenging, our market becomes less predictable. To react quickly, we need data. Cutwater gives us the information we need to make quick decisions that are better for our customers and for us.”  —  John Zitter, President of Sterling Supply Company.

“Cutwater AIM provides instant access to our inventory information, which includes more than 4,000 SKUs, and puts it all in one, easily accessible place. We were pleased to see how neatly the information was packaged and how much time was saved by using the software.”  —  Jason Swanson, Director of Purchasing and Distribution at HobbyTown. 

 “We have used other reporting systems before and we were always having to design our own reports; with Cutwater, we got prebuilt reports which immediately identified the imbalances in our inventory thereby significantly reducing the time to value. We had recouped our investment many times over during the first week of real use of the software.”  — Will Snook, Traffic Safety Store. 


Other customer comments:

“We’re looking at our data in ways that help us see trends we may not have picked up with a standard report writer.”— Vice President

“Because Cutwater AIM is preconfigured, installation was a matter of hours and required no effort on our part.  I simply opened the software and started reporting on my data.”— President

“Employees and customers need more information faster, and they want the ability to access it at any time. We’ve partnered with Cutwater to help us do that.” — President

“We’ve got reports – what we need is regular access to the data that drives our business.  Cutwater AIM will provide us that.”  — President

“Data is only valuable if our people can use it to deliver measurable value to our customers.  Cutwater gives everyone on our team the ability to quickly get answers to how we’re serving our clients.”— President

“In a sales and services environment, time is money. We were very pleased to see how quickly Cutwater AIM could be up and running and making a contribution to our business. The time to learn the software was amazingly fast.”  — Sales and Service.