Webinar – Inventory Planning: 10 steps you can take to reduce inventory and free up cash now

Cutwater Solutions will be a guest of the Prophet 21 World Wide User Group on an upcoming webinar for P21WWUG members on March 1, 2016.  The webinar is called, Inventory Planning: 10 steps you can take to reduce inventory and free up cash now”. 

Join Sujit Singh of Cutwater Solutions and Special Guest – Pauline Cote, Operations Manager from Butler Bros. in Lewiston, ME as they discuss the concepts and processes of inventory planning and the tangible benefits that implementation can bring to your company.

Pauline Cote will share her experience with Cutwater Solutions and inventory planning at Butler Bros., highlighting how she uses Cutwater to augment Epicor Prophet 21 Distribution Software. Sujit Singh, Managing Director of Cutwater Solutions, is a certified fellow in production and inventory management (CFPIM) and a certified supply chain professional (CSCP) by APICS, the Association for Operations Management. Sujit has guided the development of Cutwater Software ensuring it is tightly aligned with business needs of P21 users.

Learn how Cutwater’s AIM (Advanced Inventory Manager) helps you know where to begin to make inventory improvements, sustain inventory reductions, and improve customer service levels even while your sales are increasing!

Key takeaways:

  • Identify worthless and near worthless Inventory
  • Identify inventory that will serve you better in a different location
  • Identify what you should stop buying
  • Identify the specific and tangible benefits our customers have received

This is a webinar for P21WWUG members.  Visit the user group forum to register for this webinar or you may check the status of your membership by contacting Cheryl Richardson at cheryl@p21ww.org.

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