Inventory Management Software – Advanced Inventory Manager (AIM)

Cutwater’s Advanced Inventory Management Software  (AIM)

Cutwater is a cutting-edge inventory management solution for wholesale distributors, manufacturers and e-commerce that immediately identifies dead and excess stocks, quickly evaluates product rankings, sustains gains by highlighting trends in order patterns and improves customer service by highlighting shortages.
Cutwater delivers immediate value by using the best practices in inventory management, so you won’t need to change your current business processes, or people, to appreciate substantial gains in cash flow.  In fact, our inventory software is priced to be so cost effective that ROI is a matter of HOURS.  We are pre-configured for the entire Microsoft Dynamics suite of GP, NAV, SL & AX as well as Epicor (formerly Activant) Prophet 21 (P21), and expanding into other ERP systems very soon.

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Wharehouse Inventory Management Software“It’s the first time I’ve used a product that immediately – with one mouse click – helped us run more profitably.”
Shane Konzuk, Materials Manager, MaX-Quip
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There are thousands of books written about better methodologies for managing inventory.  At Cutwater, we’ve learned that in wholesale distribution, this path has been paved, and we’ve taken accepted best practices in wholesale distribution inventory management and built them into a software product.

Cutwater’s Advanced Inventory Management Software (AIM)

Cutwater’s Advanced Inventory Manager:

  • Immediately identifies dead and excess stocks: At the item/location level of detail. Stocking points with inventory balances not justified by demand, demand variability, or historical supply needs.
  • Sustains gains:  Will highlight trends in order patterns for specific items (increasing or decreasing demand) which may change how you order the product or whether you stock it – catching negative trends before they cost you money.
  • Quickly evaluates product rankings: Based on number of orders against an item, number of customers, and sales volume.
  • Improves customer service:  Shortages are also highlighted – ensuring you have the right product in the right place, when the customer needs it.

How is Cutwater’s Advanced Inventory Management Software different from other solutions for inventory management?

  • Immediate value:  Best practices in inventory management for wholesale distributors are built into the tool.  Cutwater’s inventory manager does not require you to change your current business processes or people to realize significant gains in cash flow.  Cutwater’s inventory management software solution is built with the metrics and data that have proven to be effective in reducing inventories in manufacturing environments.
  • Preconfigured software:  Cutwater’s inventory manager is preconfigured for all of the Microsoft Dynamics® ERP solutions: GP, NAV, SL & AX as well as Epicor Prophet 21.
  • Cost:  Cutwater’s Inventory Management Software is priced to be so cost effective – that ROI is a matter of hours.

Few industries have faced the change experienced in the wholesale distribution sector.  Distributors that can compete with less cash tied up in inventories have a distinct advantage over their competitors.  Anyone – at any time – can take a one-time cut at inventories.  Cutwater’s Inventory Manager allows a company to do so without reducing customer service and with the ability to sustain these reductions over time.

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