Epicor Prophet 21 Connect 2015 – World Wide User Group Meeting

connect 2015

Cutwater looks forward to meeting Epicor P21 users in New Orleans at the annual P21WWUG Connect where members come to learn, socialize and make connections.  

Cutwater’s AIM (Advanced Inventory Manager) provides a way to identify inventory that is out of line with demand – either too high or too low. It is designed so that management can quickly size up the opportunity in dollars, while the planners can get detailed, actionable reports.

Stop by our Booth #201 to see Cutwater AIM in action and attend our vendor session ““Reduce Inventory and Increase Sales” on Monday, August 24 at 9:10am.  

Need help knowing where to begin to make inventory improvements?  Most companies have two challenges: too much of the wrong stuff and not enough of the right stuff.  Excess inventory takes up valuable space, is expensive to maintain, and may become obsolete. Insufficient inventory leads to lost sales and unhappy customers.

Learn how Cutwater’s AIM (Advanced Inventory Manager) helps you know where to begin to make inventory improvements, sustain inventory reductions, and improve customer service levels even while your sales are increasing!  Special Guests – Pauline Cote, Operations Manager and Tom Rioux, Purchasing Manager from Butler Bros.

Dates: August 23-25

Location:  New Orleans, LA

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