Clocks “spring forward” but gain hours with time-saving tips!

Ah, Spring!  Trees budding, breaking out the grill for burgers and hot dogs, taking a leisurely stroll or a jog in the park and…… losing an hour?  This weekend, we’ll be turning our clocks forward!  NOT what a business person needs when we count on every hour just to keep up!   Clocks “spring forward” as the saying goes, but you can gain hours with these time-saving tips!


Clock with money

  1. Focus on the important tasks – Time is the great equalizer!  We are all granted the same 24 hours per day; no more and no less.  So make the most of the time you have and prioritize. Identify your priorities and your most important tasks, do them first and leave the rest for later.  Timothy Ferriss in “The 4 Hour Work Week” says we should “focus on being productive instead of busy”!
  2. Use technology software – Today, we have a lot of technology at our disposal to make life easier.  I’m always thrilled when I hear a client say that our inventory software will save them hours per week and help them to be more efficient and make better inventory decisions.  No matter your business, there are probably ways to better leverage technology to help you.
  3. Simplify correspondence through templates or master forms– This is a huge time saver for everyone whether you are a sole proprietor or a large corporation. Take time to consider what same questions pop up over and over again, and design a standard email response to answer those questions. Of course, you should tweak those emails as necessary, but a template gives a time-saving foundation to build on. A well thought out email response presents a standardized response, appears professional and eliminates spelling errors as well.
  4. Delete or archive outdated material on your computer– How many versions of the same document are on your computer, each with slight variations to them? Using outdated material can cause trouble.  Archive or delete information that is no longer in use. It is also handy to use the “view header footer function” in your document to insert creation or revision dates on forms. This assures you are using the most current version of the document.
  5. Organize your work environment and your day– Time management is a lot about removing distractions that mess up with your productive time. Make sure you have a place where you can shut out the outside and focus on your work. And block your time to complete certain tasks without interruptions.
  6. Get enough sleep – I know, we’re moving our clocks forward and we’re losing an hour, but this weekend, and every night, be sure that you are getting enough sleep. Sleep deprivation reduces emotional intelligence and constructive thinking skills. It affects body weight, the immune system, and more.  If you have to sacrifice something from your busy schedule, don’t let it be your sleep.

I’m no expert on time management, but I thought these were some good ideas to help cope with the loss of an hour this weekend.  What are YOUR best time-saving tips?  Share them here.  I’d really like to hear your proven tips.

See the following sources of some of the ideas above for more ideas on saving time: and

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