3 More Ways to Regain Lost Customers

In one of my previous blog posts “5 ways to Regain Lost Customers” I shared some strategies you can take to get back what you lost. These strategies highlighted specific paths to take in order to regain customers that may have vanished over time. Because this is so important, I thought I would share some more strategies that can be used to gain back that customer base.

3 more ways to regain lost customers

These strategies can be found in an article from SalesHQ entitled, “The Secret to Winning Back Customers.” Some of the methods discussed are:

  • Create a strategy for revisiting the lost customer

You don’t want to go in blind. Clearly define your strategy prior to any contact with the lost customer. You need to understand the problem before you can try to fix it. Meet with the CEO, run some analysis, see where the true problem lies. Then you can begin to mend the old wounds.

  • Realize sales management must drive the win-back program

It is unreasonable to place the task of winning back customers on your new sales person. It is up to the sales managers to go and speak with the customers. Chances are they have been around longer and know the account better. The new guy isn’t going to know how to rebuild a relationship he was never a part of.

  • Document your success and celebrate every win

“What gets rewarded gets done.” If you recognize a salesperson for doing a great job at winning back a customer, those around him/her will be incentivized to work just as hard if not harder. Be sure to take note of all your win-backs so you can see what kind of success you are having. If you are not having success you may need to re-strategize your plan of attack.

These are just a few more strategies to help you win back those customers that may have ventured towards other companies. I would enjoy hearing any tactics you have used that appear to work well. Please, share them in the comments section below.

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