This article from Wasp Barcode Technologies highlights three major topics:  optimization, predicting growth, and preparation as keys to proper inventory management. As the title suggests, managing your inventory efficiently and effectively will help “drive” your economic growth. Enjoy the article.


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“Poor inventory management is one of the primary reasons small businesses fail. According to the State of Small Business Report, 46% of SMB’s with 11-500 employees don’t currently track inventory or use a manual inventory process such as tracking in Excel. This may be hard to believe, but ensuring inventory levels are accurate and adjusted based on demand is a crucial process in running an effective business.READ MORE

Ten Ways to Reduce Inventory, While Maintaining or Improving Service

by Chuck LaMacchia, The Progress Group, LLC

Inventory is a significant and visible asset in most companies – often the largest. Executives and shareholders have focused on inventory levels for years, but it has frequently been reduced arbitrarily, without a full understanding of supply chain implications. This paper discusses approaches to sustainable, and appropriate, inventory reduction.

Pareto your inventory

Ten Ways to Reduce Inventory, While Maintaining or Improving Service

“Our competitor turns its inventory six times per year, but we’re only at four. We should be able to turn our inventory six times as well!” says the boss. “And get it done quickly!” From that, the inventory reduction crusade is set into motion.… READ MORE

Epicor Prophet 21 Connect 2015 – World Wide User Group Meeting

connect 2015

Cutwater looks forward to meeting Epicor P21 users in New Orleans at the annual P21WWUG Connect where members come to learn, socialize and make connections.  

Cutwater’s AIM (Advanced Inventory Manager) provides a way to identify inventory that is out of line with demand – either too high or too low. It is designed so that management can quickly size up the opportunity in dollars, while the planners can get detailed, actionable reports.

Stop by our Booth #201 to see Cutwater AIM in action and attend our vendor session ““Reduce Inventory and Increase Sales” on Monday, August 24 at 9:10am.  

Need help knowing where to begin to make inventory improvements? … READ MORE

Cutwater Enjoys Microsoft Convergence 2015!

Cutwater Enjoys Microsoft Convergence 2015

Thank you for making Cutwater Solutions one of the most visited booths at Microsoft Convergence in Atlanta this year.

We enjoyed meeting so many great Dynamics users and are excited by the enthusiastic responses from those who saw a demo of Cutwater’s inventory tool in action!

We would like to congratulate David Morinello and Alexander Kinsora on winning the Ethos QX130 flying quadcopters from Cutwater’s client, Hobbytown.

For more information on Cutwater’s money saving inventory tool contact Eric at

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Traffic Safety Store Successfully Implements Cutwater Software Solutions

Cutwater helps nationwide distributor of traffic and safety supplies manage inventory and purchasing

WILMINGTON, DE. – February 23, 2015 –   Cutwater Solutions, the designer and provider of Cutwater AIM (Advanced Inventory Management) software, announced today that Traffic Safety Store, the nation’s largest specialty supplier of traffic safety supplies, has implemented the AIM product to manage the company’s inventory.

Traffic Safety Store is known for being one of the first companies to utilize the internet to bring traffic control products to those in need, Traffic Safety Store has grown to process over 75,000 orders, outfitting thousands of public and private projects throughout the United States.

“We wanted more clarity with our inventory data,” said Will Snook, founder of Traffic Safety Store.… READ MORE

Microsoft Convergence 2015

Microsoft Convergence 2015

Convergence is that one moment in time when the Microsoft community members come together to share “Aha!” moments. It’s their chance to network with other users, see things for the first time, learn about the latest features and updates, get answers to tough questions from Microsoft product experts, and find new ways to stay ahead of their competition.

Date: March 16 -19, 2015

Location: Atlanta, GA

Stop by Booth #1551 to see Cutwater AIM in action!

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