Our Company

Cutwater’s Inventory Management Software:

A Perfect Solution for Managing Wholesale Distributors Inventory & ERP Data.

 The main purpose of our software is very clear:  Cutwater’s Inventory Management Software (also known as “Cutwater AIM” – Advanced Inventory Manager) – provides a way to figure out where inventory is out of line with demand- either too high OR too low.

Too many SKU’s? We can help.

We are a Microsoft Certified Partner and are now pre-integrated with Microsoft Dynamics as well as Epicor’s Prophet 21. Our parent company, Arkieva,  has been around for 20 years, and Cutwater is the branch that works specifically with small to midsize wholesale distributors. Cutwater Solutions is headquartered in Wilmington, Delaware, USA.

Cutwater’s mission: Provide an inventory management solution that supports end-user adoption and long-term use, allowing distributors to gain value from current investments in core transaction systems.

Our mission can be summarized in two words:  End-user Adoption and Sustainability.

End-user Adoption
The greatest risk of any software installation is that end users will abandon the tool. This happens because a product has a feature set that makes a tool overly complex or because underlying data is not readily available to people that need it, when they need it.  In restricting the features available in Cutwater’s Inventory Manager, we have maximized the ability of end-users to explore data in new and creative ways.

Proprietary technologies and software features that require back-end data management and heavy software administration place an undue burden on local IT resources. Cutwater’s Inventory Management Software is a browser-based, single-instance .NET product that is designed to minimize ongoing demands on local IT professionals.