Need help knowing where to begin to make inventory improvements? 

Excess inventory takes up valuable space, is expensive to maintain, and may become obsolete.    

Insufficient inventory leads to lost sales and unhappy customers.


Cutwater’s Advanced Inventory Manager can reduce inventory by 10-30% in just weeks!

Cutwater’s cutting edge solution enables planners to identify inventory issues and to make informed decisions faster.

Cutwater has provided our customers with significant savings.

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Cutwater could save you this much*

*Ultimate savings will vary and will be dependent on each company’s inventory, type of business and actions taken by the company.  If you would like to know more about how Cutwater has saved company’s money and provided an unmatched ROI click here and we will schedule a 15 minute call.  By the end of our call you will have a good idea of the type of savings you can expect.

Why such an affordable, high ROI solution for inventory?

Cutwater believes that visibility into inventory demand is critical for any successful small business (wholesale distributors, manufacturers, e-commerce), particularly those with a high number of SKU’s! Many small businesses lack the resources to obtain customized inventory demand software and inventory management consulting. Cutwater decided to share it’s 20 years of inventory and supply chain expertise through a pre-configured inventory demand solution that is both affordable and returns money to the business quickly, requires little to no effort to implement or sustain, and is easy to use.


What have we done?

We have created the analytical rules that should be used to analyze your demand and inventory data. These rules are based on 20 years of work in this field and represent best practices. In addition, we have pre-configured the software to integrate quickly with the ERP systems used most commonly by wholesale distributors. These include the Microsoft Dynamics Suite (GP/NAV/SL/AX) as well as Epicor Prophet 21. We aim to return cash to your business. Please let us show you exactly how!